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Busy Shapes 2 is the worthy sequel to Busy Shapes. The game offers a very stimulating 3D universe to train children.

Nowadays, It is easy for children to become disconnected from nature in our bustling city landscapes. But what if we could use technology to cultivate an engagement with nature?

Busy Water is a critical thinking puzzle game based on amazing water physics. The objective: use pipes, spray, paddle wheels and blocks to help Archie the fish get back to his tank.

Explore a captivating digital playground in this tantalizing puzzle game! Children manipulate gears, chains, rods, and pulleys, to pull themselves through each level, which teaches them how different mechanisms affect one another when constructing a machine.

New & improved version!!! A simple and fun approach to addition, subtraction, odd & even, doubles & halves. 11 activities to practice operations and a fun 2-player game to understand halves. A fun monster lab for added incentive.

Learning high frequency words is an essential step in a child’s journey to becoming a fluid and accurate reader. Thus, Seven Academy has created a game with the mission of providing the child with ample practice in reading and writing the most common words in English. Such extensive training is made possible by our artificial intelligence, which detects the words that need the most work!

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