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The collections gather several coherent programs. Buying them, you get a discount. You are also guaranteed to keep your children busy for a long, long time!

  • Montessori Primary Box (6 - 9 years)

    Looking for a well-rounded bundle of educational apps for children to dive into? The Montessori Primary Box builds on children's existing reading, writing, math and time concepts and also includes 2 apps to sharpen their critical thinking and creative sides!

    • Brain puzzles for kids

      For all the STEM lovers out there - we've got you covered! Crazy Gears and Busy Shapes require the child to think "outside the box" as they are faced with new challenges and levels. Explore the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with the Crazy Busy Box.

      • Montessori Box - Montessori essentials

        Discover a must-have selection of Montessori apps at a sweet price. In this bundle, you will find apps that work on children’s math, reading, writing, discovery and creativity skills to make them well-rounded and confident individuals.

        • Montessori Steam Box

          Haven't you heard? STEAM is the new STEM! With the new addition of "Arts" our STEAM Box has got you covered! Explore the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math with these 5 apps sure to challenge and fascinate the learner!

          • Montessori Math Box

            Kick your math-knowledge into high-gear with this collection! Each new Math concept is made simple with the Montessori approach. This Box will leave the learner feeling confident and ready to take on any math problem thrown their way!

            • Montessori Reading Writing Box

              In the early years, the child develops their language skills through imitation. This Bilingual Box offers a catalog of progressive apps aimed not only to strengthen children’s phonetic awareness but to encourage them to be confident learners.

              • Montessori Early Learning Box

                Watch your child tap into their math number sense, language skills and creative side with the Montessori Early Learning Box. These apps were designed to give children the confidence and tools necessary to tackle any new subject thrown their way!