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  • Montessori Early Learning Box

    Watch your child tap into their math number sense, language skills and creative side with the Montessori Early Learning Box. These apps were designed to give children the confidence and tools necessary to tackle any new subject thrown their way!

    Inclus dans ce bundle

    • Montessori Numberland

      An award-winning app for pre-K children beginning their journey to number and quantity discovery!

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    • Busy Shapes

      Parents who want to sharpen their 2 to 5 year old child’s reasoning skills and awaken their intelligence in an amazing exploratory and evolving digital playground, will download the new app Busy Shapes.

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    • Easy Music

      Give kids an ear for music!

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    • Name Play

      With its play environment that reflects that of a school and many personalizable components, this game will motivate the child to explore reading and writing exercises in comfort and style.

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    • Montessori Letter Sounds

      Learning to read has never been so much fun! Letter sounds and recognition are made simple in this app.

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    • Montessori Early Reading

      An App for early readers who are eager to practice reading easy phonetic words.

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    • The Joy of Reading

      A comprehensive collection of 9 multilevel games that are designed to encourage early reading.

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    • Le bonheur de lire

      Learn to read french from 3 years of age.

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    • The Cicada and the Ant

      By reading the interactive story of La Cigale et la Fourmi, children enjoy playing while learning new words. They can appropriate these words to develop new skills to identify them. It’s a perfect experience to learn how to read. All the interactive elements give a catchy touch to this game. They also help to discover the meaning of the French fable. It is a perfect complement to the program developed by Seven Academy.

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    • Count up to Ten

      This application lets children discover numbers 1 to 10 to learn how to count.

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