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Creativity at its finest! Edoki Academy gives children the tools necessary to channel their inner-learner and bring out their artistic side. Deeply rooted in the Montessori framework, our apps provide children with spontaneous discoveries and 'aha!' moments galore!

  • Easy Music

    Give kids an ear for music!

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    • The Frogs

      Learn to memorize and repeat notes.

      Repeat after the frogs
      New Movements
    • The Whale

      Learn to recognize the different pitches that accompany a musical note.

      Progressive Learning
    • The Bear

      Distinguish and memorize the number of notes of several percussion beats.

      Bear's Beat
      Blind Beat
    • The Fox

      Children learn how to hold a rhythm with the help of fox and some pesky bees.

      Follow the bees
      Follow Fox
    • The Rainbow Piano

      Children learn to play music on the piano!

      Guided Learning
      Free Play
    • The Sandcastle

      Let your child express themselves creatively and compose original masterpieces.

      Bear's Room
      Flamingo's Room
      Panda's Room
  • Zen Studio

    An app that helps children find serenity through creation.

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    • Creativity

      Blank grid.

      Boundless Creation
    • Tutorials

      Discover beautiful designs with easy step by step instruction.

      Guided Creation
  • Easy Studio Stop-Motion Studio

    Animate with shapes – Endless hours of fun creation for the whole family!

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    • Easy Animation

      Children learn the necessary skills to create Easy Studio masterpieces with these 3 practice modes.

      Tutorial of the Studio
      Guided Mode
      Free Animation Mode
    • Expert Animation

      Children learn new shortcuts and skills to create unique animations.

      Create your Own Animation!
      Create from Models
    • Library movies & sound

      A space for children to revel in their masterpieces!

      Your Creations Await!
      Sound Effect