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A child's environment is what peaks their passion and curiosity for the world around them. Educators Jean Piaget and Seymour Papert carried-out Maria Montessori's vision by creating settings that encourage children to manipulate objects. On the same note, Edoki Academy offers stimulating and enchanting worlds that serve as a platform for discovery to take place in.

  • Busy Shapes 2

    A 3D playground for children

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    • Matching shapes and holes

      The child must match each shape with the right hole.

      Moving the first shape
      The first perplexity
    • Sticky puddle

      A spot appears. The child must recognize it and move the shapes to avoid it.

      Managing the spot
      The spot
    • Bomb

      Watch out! This shape has a tendency to explode!

      Find the target
    • The glass

      A glass wall protects some objects.

      First encounter
      Move the shapes
    • Barriers to moving

      The child sees obstacles blocking his or her way.

      The Maze
    • Moving platforms

      Platforms are moving. Catch their movement.

      Pressing buttons
    • The hatch

      Sometimes, a hatch creates a trap.

      The first hatch
      Unlock the hatch
    • The catapult

      The catapult throws shapes.

      The catapult
    • Ice

      Icy surface speeds up the shapes.

      Icy surface
      Ice and Glass
    • River flow

      The river flow is like a conveyor belt.

      Control the flow
    • First Harvest

      Plant seeds and nurture them until they grow big and strong.

      Nurture your Crops
      The Harvest
    • Unlock the shop

      Unlock the shop, where you can buy all of the items you need for a functioning garden.

    • Unlock the cottage

      Earn 5 coins to unlock the cottage. Here, you can make jams, sauces, and honey.

      Coco Bear
    • Unlock the beehive

      Earn 10 coins to unlock the beehive. Then, the bees will pollinate your flowers, and you can create honey.

      Busy Bees
      Mmm, Honey!
    • Automate tasks

      To expand your garden, buy some special items in the shop. Use automatic sprinklers and a robot to take care of some of your patches, so you can work on other patches.

      Automatic Sprinklers
      The Robot
    • Plan for weather

      Use your water sparingly while listening to the frog's advice about the weather forecast.

      The Frog
      Save Water
    • Community Garden

      Collaborate with friends or family in your community garden.

      Sharing is Caring
      Helping Others
  • Busy Water

    Think outside the tank!

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    • Pipes

      Pipes are a fundamental element of the game.

    • Planks

      Planks can be used as a swivel door, obstacle or drawbridge.

      Swivel door
    • Sprays

      Water from the high pressure jets moves objects and obstacles.

      Water it all!
    • Rope

      The rope links objects together.

      Rope discovery!
    • Wheel

      Its blades propel the rotation.

    • Air Conditionner

      The freezer transforms water into ice or steam into water.

      Brr !
    • Boiler

      The boiler transforms water into steam and ice into water.

    • Sensors

      Sensors get activated if a very small quantity of water, ice, or vapour touches them.

      Detecting the state!
  • Busy Shapes

    Parents who want to sharpen their 2 to 5 year old child’s reasoning skills and awaken their intelligence in an amazing exploratory and evolving digital playground, will download the new app Busy Shapes.

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    • Matching shapes and holes

      The child must match each shape with the right hole.

      Moving the first shape
      Two shapes
      The first perplexity
    • Sticky puddle

      A spot appears. The child must recognize it and move the shapes to avoid it.

      The spot
      Managing the spot
      2 objects (or more), 2 holes and the spot
    • Hidden shapes

      An object that fits in with the background partially hides the moveable shapes.

      A hidden object
      More objects are hidden
      The spot returns
    • Barriers to moving

      The child sees obstacles blocking his or her way. The child has to deal with them in order to move the shapes.

      The doors
      The doors close
      A blocked and winding path
    • Tools

      The child must combine one object with another. The object to be dragged to the hole is behind a window. A tool can move it.

      Discovering the tool
      Combining strategies
      Everything is a tool
    • Moving shapes

      Shapes move independently across the screen. The child must catch them in order to move them.

      1 moving shape, 1 hole
      2 shapes that move, 2 holes
      2 shapes, 2 holes, an obstacle
    • Hidden hole

      The holes are no longer visible. They are fully or partially hidden.

      But where is the hole?
      Trusting instincts
      Choosing the right path
    • The hole under the window

      The hole is not directly accessible. A glass wall protects it to create new problems.

      The window is in the center
      Side window
    • Wormhole

      Nothing better than a wormhole to travel through space. As Busy Shapes proves.

      Finding the wormhole
      2 stages to move through on the right side
      The obstacle returns
    • EasyPalette

      The magic palette conveys colors. The child will take on primary and secondary concepts.

      Learning to color
      My first mix of colors
      Choosing the right face
    • 1-way Transformer

      The Transformer allows the child to alter a shape so it may fit in a hole.

      Add a Shape
      Subtract a Shape
      Combination with Colour Change
    • 2-way Transformer

      The shape transformer returns with added complexity as it now offers the child the option to change shapes in more than one manner.

      Add a Shape
      Subtract a Shape
      Combination with Obstacles
    • 3-Way Transformer

      Shapes can now be changed in three different ways!

      Intro to the Machine
      Two Transformers
    • 4-Way Transformer

      Shapes can now be changed in four different ways!

      Intro to the Machine
      Return of the Wormhole
    • Time bomb

      Watch out! This shape has a tendency to explode!

      Introducing the Time Bomb
      Navigate the Maze
  • Crazy Gears

    Kick your child’s learning into high gear!

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    • The chain

      The child must secure the hook to the chain in order to pull the level

      Discover the goal of the game
      Manipulate the chain
      Placing the wheel
    • The rod

      The child must attach the wheels to one another using the rod

      Transmitting movement
      Complex transmission
    • The Gears

      The child will make use of gears in order move the motor and pull the level

      Discover the gear
      Bridge made of gears
    • The Rack and Hook

      Discover a new way of pulling the level!

      The right direction
      Friction and the rack and pinion
    • The pulley

      The child must utilize a pulley in order to pull the level.

      Determine the correct angle
    • Crazy Combinations!

      Solve challenging puzzles featuring each of the objects seen previously.

      Complex puzzles
      Return of the rack and pinion.
    • The weighted hook

      Use the force of the gears to pull the next level!

      Discover the weighted hook
      Pay attention to the force!
      The rack gets involved!
    • The barrier

      An obstacle complicates things.

      The barrier vs. the wheel
      The Rack
  • Astropolo

    Enter the adventurous world of Astropolo, where children are given missions to carry out in order to achieve a smooth interstellarl expedition!

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    • Build-A-Rocket

      Prepare for take-off by customizing your rocket-ship!

    • Take Off!

      Don't forget to cheer, or your rocket-ship will have a hard time taking off!

      Take Off!
    • Zleepy

      Don't let Zleepy fall asleep, Sing him your favorite lullaby!

    • Sad Santa

      Poor Santa lost his reindeers, can you help him get them back?

      Sad Santa
    • Laïka

      Laïka is on a mission, it's up to you to make sure that her path is clear!

    • Mr. Kissnot

      Children work on their fine-motor skills by tracing hearts around a very angry, Mr. Kissnot.

      Mr. Kissnot
    • Boogie Polo

      Children are required to tap into their musical side by imitating the music's rhythm and beat.

      Boogie Polo
    • Astrolanding

      One last challenge awaits, and it may be the most important of them all!

  • Discover Paris

    Children have fun while going around Paris. Through different games and riddles, they can learn a little bit more about the history and culture of this capital!

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    • La Tour Eiffel

      Discovery of the Eiffel tower : Let’s have fun measuring and guessing its utility.

      Visit of the Eiffel Tower
    • Orsay Museum

      Orsay museum visit : let’s discover its history and a few masterpieces.

      The Orsay Museum
    • The Luxembourg Gardens

      A stroll around the Luxembourg Gardens : Let’s learn about its buildings and sculptures.

      The Luxembourg Gardens
    • The Sorbonne

      Presentation of the University : Let’s meet a researcher who atended this great University and more!

      The Sorbonne and the Latin Quarter
    • Notre Dame Cathedral

      Visit of the cathedral : Lets observe its sculptures closely, they reveal us stories!

      Notre Dame Cathedral
    • The Place de la Bastille

      Discovery of the Bastille : Let's learn about events that marked the history of this city!

      The French Revolution
    • Montmartre 1/2

      Arrival at Montmarte : The Moulin de la Galette transmits all its life story!

      The Moulin de la Galette
    • Montmartre 2/2

      End of our visit around Montmartre’s neighborhood : Lets sit down in front of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart to listen to the bells.

      The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris
    • Louvre Museum

      Visit of the Louvre Museum : The Mona Lisa awaits us with many surprises behind her mysterious smile.

      The Mona Lisa
    • The Paris Opéra

      Visit of the Opera of Paris : we will encounter the most incredible composers of all time!

      The Paris Opéra
    • The Place de la Concorde

      Visit of the place de la Concorde : a part of egypt still lives in the capital. Let's find out about the obelisk's history!

      The Obelisk
    • The Avenue des Champs-Élysées

      Walk on the Champs Elysees: one of the most beautiful streets of the capital we will discover some of its secrets.

      Arc de Triomphe
  • Tic Toc Time

    Break down the time of one day and learn how to read the time on a watch.

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    • The compass

      Learn about how the sun moves in the sky, how a shadow is formed and what a compass is for.

      the cardinal points
      the interactive compass
      how the sun moves in the sky
    • The sun and the shadow

      Discover the movement of the sun in the sky, how a shadow appears and concepts about the sundial.

      the movement of the shadow in relation with the Sun
      telling time on a solar clock
      the position of the sun during the day
    • The time from space

      Discover the earth seen from space and address the principle of the functioning of the clock.

      the transition from day to night
      reading time on a 24 hour dial
      building a clock
    • Play with the clock

      Play with the clock with a small hand and a big hand.

      telling time with the small hand
      telling time with the big hand
      telling every minutes of one hour
    • The clock's challenge

      The child plays with the clock without using the digital clock to fully master the reading of time.

      telling time without the help of a digital clock
      everyday language to tell time
      telling the exact hour