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  • Busy Shapes 2

    A 3D playground for children


    Editor's Choice
    by Children Technology Review - Wed Jan 18 2017 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
    Graduates of Busy Shapes (CTR March 2014) now have 100 additional puzzles to solve, with this second edition. This time the puzzles are presented in 3D, on sliding platforms. Timing is involved when one of the platforms moves. You discover trap doors, time bombs and switches that require plenty of trial and error style problem solving. As with the first Busy Shapes, you can easily reset a level using the "redo" option

    • Matching shapes and holes

      The child must match each shape with the right hole.

      Moving the first shape
      The first perplexity
    • Sticky puddle

      A spot appears. The child must recognize it and move the shapes to avoid it.

      Managing the spot
      The spot
    • Bomb

      Watch out! This shape has a tendency to explode!

      Find the target
    • The glass

      A glass wall protects some objects.

      First encounter
      Move the shapes
    • Barriers to moving

      The child sees obstacles blocking his or her way.

      The Maze
    • Moving platforms

      Platforms are moving. Catch their movement.

      Pressing buttons
    • The hatch

      Sometimes, a hatch creates a trap.

      The first hatch
      Unlock the hatch
    • The catapult

      The catapult throws shapes.

      The catapult
    • Ice

      Icy surface speeds up the shapes.

      Icy surface
      Ice and Glass
    • River flow

      The river flow is like a conveyor belt.

      Control the flow