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  • Busy Shapes

    Parents who want to sharpen their 2 to 5 year old child’s reasoning skills and awaken their intelligence in an amazing exploratory and evolving digital playground, will download the new app Busy Shapes.

    by 20 month old mom - Sun Jan 04 2015 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
    My 20 month old loves (LOVES) this game. She asks for it by name and it's helping her learn shapes, color and sizes. Plus it gives me the opportunity to be proud of her amazing problem solving skills ;) I don't buy a lot of games or apps, but this one is worth it.

    Super-smart playground designed for youngest app users
    by Amanda Bindel for Common Sense Media - Sat Dec 13 2014 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
    Busy Shapes isn't about learning the names of the shapes; rather, it's about developing an awareness of how objects relate to each other and how they can impact the objects and the world around them.

    Best Pick App
    by Tech With Kids - Mon Nov 03 2014 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
    This remarkable digital playground, full of age-appropriate logic challenges, should be downloaded on all toddlers' and preschoolers' devices.

    • Matching shapes and holes

      The child must match each shape with the right hole.

      Moving the first shape
      Two shapes
      The first perplexity
    • Sticky puddle

      A spot appears. The child must recognize it and move the shapes to avoid it.

      The spot
      Managing the spot
      2 objects (or more), 2 holes and the spot
    • Hidden shapes

      An object that fits in with the background partially hides the moveable shapes.

      A hidden object
      More objects are hidden
      The spot returns
    • Barriers to moving

      The child sees obstacles blocking his or her way. The child has to deal with them in order to move the shapes.

      The doors
      The doors close
      A blocked and winding path
    • Tools

      The child must combine one object with another. The object to be dragged to the hole is behind a window. A tool can move it.

      Discovering the tool
      Combining strategies
      Everything is a tool
    • Moving shapes

      Shapes move independently across the screen. The child must catch them in order to move them.

      1 moving shape, 1 hole
      2 shapes that move, 2 holes
      2 shapes, 2 holes, an obstacle
    • Hidden hole

      The holes are no longer visible. They are fully or partially hidden.

      But where is the hole?
      Trusting instincts
      Choosing the right path
    • The hole under the window

      The hole is not directly accessible. A glass wall protects it to create new problems.

      The window is in the center
      Side window
    • Wormhole

      Nothing better than a wormhole to travel through space. As Busy Shapes proves.

      Finding the wormhole
      2 stages to move through on the right side
      The obstacle returns
    • EasyPalette

      The magic palette conveys colors. The child will take on primary and secondary concepts.

      Learning to color
      My first mix of colors
      Choosing the right face
    • 1-way Transformer

      The Transformer allows the child to alter a shape so it may fit in a hole.

      Add a Shape
      Subtract a Shape
      Combination with Colour Change
    • 2-way Transformer

      The shape transformer returns with added complexity as it now offers the child the option to change shapes in more than one manner.

      Add a Shape
      Subtract a Shape
      Combination with Obstacles
    • 3-Way Transformer

      Shapes can now be changed in three different ways!

      Intro to the Machine
      Two Transformers
    • 4-Way Transformer

      Shapes can now be changed in four different ways!

      Intro to the Machine
      Return of the Wormhole
    • Time bomb

      Watch out! This shape has a tendency to explode!

      Introducing the Time Bomb
      Navigate the Maze