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  • Code Karts

    A fun app to develop observation, concentration and logic!

    Looking for an effective very first coding experience?
    by Warren Bukleitner -
    This app give meaning to the coding by providing a clear and meaningful challenge. The scaffolding (embedded help) is excellent and there's a competition mode where the goals is to be the first to reach the finish line before a computer controlled car.

    A truly magic moment
    by Client -
    My 6 year old son was trying to code a route for the car, but it crashed. Then I saw him, fully concentrated, actually debug the code and correct it to have the car get to the finish. I always tell my son that some apps make you smarter, some don't. Yours does, and I saw it happen, like magic.

    I think this is really an awesome app!
    by Kleurters Digitaal! -
    The fact that each subsequent assignment is again a little bit harder I find fun and challenging for children. In this way, the app remains attractive to children. Overall I think this is highly recommended to use in the classroom when programming!

    • One player

      Code the kart to reach the finish line !

    • Two players

      Defy the computer!

      Speed Up
    • Garage

      Personalize your car with multiple models and colors to choose

    • Bonus Races

      Discover fast-paced races where speed is key to winning

      Against Computer