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In the early years, the child develops their language skills through imitation. To progress into reading, the child must first develop an understanding of the writing system. According to Maria Montessori, this is where self-confidence makes an immense difference and can propel the child into the next phase of their education. With this fundamental component in mind, Edoki offers a catalog of progressive apps aimed not only teach children but to encourage them to be confident learners.

  • Montessori Letter Sounds

    Learning to read has never been so much fun! Letter sounds and recognition are made simple in this app.

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    • Sound Box

      Children learn how to recognize letter sounds and make associations in these 2 games.

      Letter Sounds
      I Spy...
    • Box of Letters

      Discover the letters of the alphabet as well as their sounds.

      Draw the Letter
      Letter Sound Recognition
    • Letters and Images

      In this word, I hear and see...

      Place the Letter
      Find the Object
      Every Image has a Letter
    • Spelling test

      My first spelling test.

      Spelling test
    • Toolbox

      3 interactive games that allow children to work on their letter sounds and tracing skills.

      Sound Alphabet
      Writing Book
      Sand Box
    • English/French Encyclopedia

      With the help of the images, children will discover objects and their names in both English and French!

      Discover Images
      Name that Object
  • Montessori Early Reading

    An App for early readers who are eager to practice reading easy phonetic words.

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    • From phonics to words

      Activity to trigger the first reading

      Match the word
    • Read & Match

      Practice reading words without spelling difficulties

      Name that Card
    • Begins like...

      Recognize words that begin like ...

      Begins like...
    • Rhymes with...

      Playing with the sound of words and rhymes

      Rhyme Time
  • Montessori French Syllables

    An app sure to make reading in French easy and effortless for all types of learners - suited for learners with Dyslexia.

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    • The lab

      A step-by-step approach that allows children to create sounds using consonants and vowels in a fun lab setting.

      The Lab
      The Collection
    • The chemistry

      Chase sounds and recognize different fonts & graphemes!

      Chemistry: Level 1
      Chemistry: Level 2
    • The missing syllable

      Children must spot the missing syllable with the help of colorful images.

      The Missing Syllable
  • Name Play

    With its play environment that reflects that of a school and many personalizable components, this game will motivate the child to explore reading and writing exercises in comfort and style.

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    • The Pencil Case

      The supplies are scattered on the table. The child places the objects labeled with the correct name in the pencil case. The other objects can be dragged into the tray.

      The Pencil Case
    • The Notebook

      The child learns to write their name.

      Write in the Notebook
    • The Video Game

      Children may use the portable video game console to try out interesting retro games.

      The Video Game
    • The Hungry Snake

      A reimagination of the famous game, Snake!

      Eat all the letters!
    • Letter Invasion

      Discover the timeless invasion game!

      Letter Invasion
    • The Magnetic Board

      Play with magnetic letters!

      Replace the letters
    • The Lunch Box

      Clean up after lunch!

      The Lunch Box
    • The Safe

      Place special items in the safe!

      The Safe
    • Add a Locker

      The child can add lockers for their friends.

      Add a Locker
    • The Typewriter

      Hear the clickety clack of the machine as the child types their name.

      The Typewriter
    • Skydiving for Letters

      Catch the letters in the child's name as the parachuter floats to the ground.

      Catch the letters!
    • The Switch

      When the light is turned off, the naughty parachuters will paint and dent the child's locker. Tapping them one by one should scare them off.

      Naughty Ninjas
    • Washing Machine

      The child learns to care for their belongings.

      Operate the Machine
    • Celestial Letters

      The child will experience gravity by playing with the letters in their name in 3D.

      3D Letters
    • Waste Bins

      The child will discover the importance of sorting their trash.

      Reuse and Recycle
  • Le bonheur de lire

    Learn to read french from 3 years of age.

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    • The words I know

      The child plays and memorises words of interest received in the store.

      Recognize a word
      Recognize the sound of a word
      Memory game
    • The sound of the first letter

      Discover initial sounds and letters in words!

      Associate the letter to the word
      Find the words that do not belong
      The detective
    • The letters are singing

      Discover the pronunciation of vowels in different words.

      Choose the right letter!
      Find the incorrect vowels
      Choose the correct image
    • The collections

      The child completes exercises to learn to recognize letter-sound correspondences.

      Yum, nuts!
      Sound houses
      The detective
    • Word puzzle

      This game teaches children to recognize the first two groups of syllables.

      Reconstruct a word
      Read my first syllables
      Cut and reconstruct the words!
    • Letters meet

      Blend syllables together

      Choose the correct consonant
      Choose the correct vowel
      Combine many vowels and consonants
    • Drawing letters

      Reading and writing are closely linked. Learning to write letters helps children remember the letters and use them in reading.

      Uppercase letter
      Lowercase, cursive letter
      Select the right letter
    • Starting to Read

      Illustrate simple sentences by choosing the correct pictures!

      Reading Sentences
      Illustrating Sentences
  • The Joy of Reading

    A comprehensive collection of 9 multilevel games that are designed to encourage early reading.

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    • Sounds and Letters

      Squirrel serves as the child’s guide to building a solid awareness of phonemes and then phonics.

      Level 3
      Level 1
      Level 2
    • Tracing Letters

      The child explores tracing, recognition of upper and lowercase letters, and distinguishing between letters in the alphabet.

      Level 1
      Level 2
      Level 3
    • Initial Consonant

      The child’s phonological awareness is extended as they are introduced to initial sounds in words.

      Level 1a
      Level 1b
      Level 2
    • Words that Rhyme

      Bird serves as the child’s guide as they categorize rhyming words.

      Level 1
      Level 2
      Level 3
    • Learn to Blend

      The child discovers that segmented sounds blend together to form words and that letters can be substituted to form different words!

      Level 1
      Level 2
      Level 3
    • Short and Long Vowels

      The child learns how to distinguish between the different sounds that vowels can make.

      Level 1
      Level 2
      Level 3
    • Words Factory

      Beaver serves as the child’s guide as they chop compound words into their smaller components and generate new words of their own.

      Level 1
      Level 2
      Level 3
    • Sight Words

      The child plays with all of the words that they have learned in The Joy of Reading.

      Level 1
      Level 2
      Level 3
    • Starting to Read

      Children illustrate simple sentences by inserting images to represent them. They are encouraged to attempt to read the sentences on their own before asking the device to do so.

      Reading Sentences
      Illustrating Sentences
  • Sight Words

    Learning sight words is vital to becoming a successful early reader, so much so that we devoted a whole game to learning them!

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    • Hide-and- Seek

      Search for Kangaroo in the magical forest and see new sight words!

      Can you find Kangaroo?
    • Pop the Balloons

      Children target the balloons with the correct sight word and pop them using a slingshot.

      Aim the Slingshot!
    • Memory Match

      Can you find all the word pairs?

      Memory Match
    • Whack- a- mole

      Whack the moles who are not holding the correct sight word.

    • Bingo!

      Play Bingo with sight words! Get three in a row and you win!

    • Construction

      Build a tower to help the mouse eat the cheese!

      Choose the right cheese!
    • Bear's Maze

      Guide Bear through the maze to collect the cherries that spell a given word.

      Help Bear get the honey!
    • Letter Scramble

      Unscramble the letters to make a word.

      Put the letters in order!
    • Speed Racers

      Can you beat the purple snail in a race?

      Build and race!
    • Typewriter

      Type words on a vintage piece of technology.

      Type the words correctly!
    • Silly Songs

      Can you remember the words to the band's rap song?

      Remember the order of words!