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  • Montessori Letter Sounds

    Learning to read has never been so much fun! Letter sounds and recognition are made simple in this app.

    Montessori Letter Sound is fun , and facilitates a smooth, natural learning.
    by Valerie Lauer for Best apps for kids - Thu May 03 2012 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
    "I highly recommend parents with children ages 4 or younger download this bad boy post haste. Go get Montessori Letter Sounds HD. It’s a fabulous learning tool your kids may actually enjoy."

    • Sound Box

      Children learn how to recognize letter sounds and make associations in these 2 games.

      Letter Sounds
      I Spy...
    • Box of Letters

      Discover the letters of the alphabet as well as their sounds.

      Draw the Letter
      Letter Sound Recognition
    • Letters and Images

      In this word, I hear and see...

      Place the Letter
      Find the Object
      Every Image has a Letter
    • Spelling test

      My first spelling test.

      Spelling test
    • Toolbox

      3 interactive games that allow children to work on their letter sounds and tracing skills.

      Sound Alphabet
      Writing Book
      Sand Box
    • English/French Encyclopedia

      With the help of the images, children will discover objects and their names in both English and French!

      Discover Images
      Name that Object