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  • Name Play

    With its play environment that reflects that of a school and many personalizable components, this game will motivate the child to explore reading and writing exercises in comfort and style.

    Great app for the job!
    by Children Technology Review - Tue Sep 29 2015 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
    Any master preschool teacher that one of the best words to use to unlock the power of reading is a child's firstname. Because it is comprised of letters, syllabes and phonemes, it makes sense to use it to individualize early reading instruction. Here's a great app for the job!

    Very well done!
    by Best Apps for Kids - Wed Oct 07 2015 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
    Name Play is a great free-play app that allows children to practice reading, writing, and recognizing their own name with a variety of fun games and activities. Very well done!

    Kids’ App of the Week: Name Play by Yahoo
    by Yahoo - Fri Oct 30 2015 00:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
    After you type in your child’s name into Seven Academy’s Name Play, you hand the tablet to them so they can enjoy its 14 easy-to-play activities.

    • The Pencil Case

      The supplies are scattered on the table. The child places the objects labeled with the correct name in the pencil case. The other objects can be dragged into the tray.

      The Pencil Case
    • The Notebook

      The child learns to write their name.

      Write in the Notebook
    • The Video Game

      Children may use the portable video game console to try out interesting retro games.

      The Video Game
    • The Hungry Snake

      A reimagination of the famous game, Snake!

      Eat all the letters!
    • Letter Invasion

      Discover the timeless invasion game!

      Letter Invasion
    • The Magnetic Board

      Play with magnetic letters!

      Replace the letters
    • The Lunch Box

      Clean up after lunch!

      The Lunch Box
    • The Safe

      Place special items in the safe!

      The Safe
    • Add a Locker

      The child can add lockers for their friends.

      Add a Locker
    • The Typewriter

      Hear the clickety clack of the machine as the child types their name.

      The Typewriter
    • Skydiving for Letters

      Catch the letters in the child's name as the parachuter floats to the ground.

      Catch the letters!
    • The Switch

      When the light is turned off, the naughty parachuters will paint and dent the child's locker. Tapping them one by one should scare them off.

      Naughty Ninjas
    • Washing Machine

      The child learns to care for their belongings.

      Operate the Machine
    • Celestial Letters

      The child will experience gravity by playing with the letters in their name in 3D.

      3D Letters
    • Waste Bins

      The child will discover the importance of sorting their trash.

      Reuse and Recycle