Our objective: Make the child autonomous

Clear and concrete tutorials to explain concepts, Oral instructions for non-readers & Auto-corrective activities empowering children thus reinforcing their self-confidence

A progressive 3-step approach

A progressive 3-step approach to guarantee solid foundations for the kids :

- Discover a new concept

- Understand it using Montessori materials

- Practice with games

The child before everything else

The child is at the heart of our philosophy.

All of our apps answer children's fundamental needs and can be used at home or in school.

Our principle: Quality

High-quality content developed by experienced Montessori teachers
Beautiful graphic design to foster interest
High-quality technical development and frequent updates

A pedagogy for every kid

An adaptive and adapted pedagogy for all, thanks to :

- Our unique Progressive Dynamic Algorithm adapts the level of difficulty to the user

- “Advanced settings” for adaptive learning

- 15 languages