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Travel Apps and Games for Children on the Go


“On long trips, apps with lots of levels that encourage problem solving, like Busy Shapes 2, keep children challenged and thinking,”

Edoki Academy: profiter de l'expertise montréalaise


La scène du jeu vidéo est très dynamique à Montréal. Une tendance renforcée par Edoki Academy qui s'affirme come le leader des apps éducatives. Lisez cet article pour découvrir comment la compagnie dessine le futur de l'EdTech!

La souris grise: Zen Studio


Zen Studio, une application signée Edoki Academy, propose de créer des tableaux à l’aide de gommettes numériques triangulaires. Librement ou avec l’aide de guides. Une expérience agréable que l’on peut poursuivre ensuite avec des gommettes papier.

Parent's Choice 2015 Gold Award for Crazy Gears


Crazy Gears is compelling, challenging, and, yes, even a little crazy. Kids will love it, and their parents will love seeing them learn.

The Sight Word Adventure wins Silver Honor from Parent's Choice


We echo our testers' comments of "Well designed and well received."

Common Sense Media


Parents need to know that Crazy Gears is a problem-solving game that gets kids thinking critically, problem solving, and exploring physics and other STEM topics. There are no instructions -- kids experiment as they figure everything out on their own.

USA Today


Kids solve 90 puzzles filled with wheels, gears, pulleys, racks and pinions, chains and rods that start out easy and get progressively harder. The goal of each puzzle is the same: figure out a way to harness the movement of a spinning gear to pull a sliding door over the current puzzle to reveal the next one. In solving these puzzles, kids learn about motion, tension and gravity.



Une chaine, une barre, des engrenages, une crémaillère à crochets, placez le tout sur un établi virtuel et vous aurez Crazy Gears ! Encore une fabuleuse app de Seven Academy, qui a obtenu le cri du cœur de mes enfants : « Maman, elle est géniale cette app ! ».

Educational App Store UK


A fully integrated app that helps young people with all the aspects in learning how to read.

La souris grise


Engrenages, poulies, crémaillères et pivots sont à l’honneur dans Crazy gears. Ce jeu destiné aux jeunes enfants abordent, sous forme d’expérimentations progressives, les principes logiques et mécaniques. Bien conçu , motivant et intriguant.

The iMums


Kids are naturally curious and want to explore the things around them. If we can provide them with fun activities that build on their interest in their environment, we can nurture an early interest in science as a means to understanding how the world works. One major topic that kids learn in school is simple machines like gears, pulleys and levers. Once they understand how these work, they will begin to see that the same physics can be found everywhere – in our bodies, in everyday objects and not just in complex machines.

Geeks With Juniors


Few games are as fun as they are educational, but when such a game comes along you know it will be a keeper. Such was the case with Crazy Gears, a new app from Seven Academy, where kids manipulate gears, chains, rods, and pulleys through 60 carefully crafted levels. As kids work on solving the puzzles, they also learn how different mechanisms work.

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Crazy Gears is a new app that teaches children (ages 6-8) about the physical properties of motion using simple gear puzzles. It helps explain these properties in a non-threatening way that make sense, by letting children experiment with different parts and arrangements.

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Help kids build their logical thinking skills and their knowledge of physics as they solve the increasingly challenging puzzles in Crazy Gears. This app presents kids with a series of puzzles that have them arrange wheels, gears, rods, chains, racks and hooks, and pulleys to solve puzzles. The app doesn’t provide kids with a lot of instructions or help as they go. Instead, it promotes trial and error and requires kids to rely on their own skills to complete each challenge and move to the next level.

igame mom


I loved gears. We used to play with LEGO and created a lot gear models with it. There are many engineering concepts involved, but when doing it right, it is fun for young children to see and understand those concepts. I am very excited to see now there is an app about gears designed for kids. Crazy Gears is from Seven Academy, who also designed Busy Shapes.

Fun 2 Tap


Machines, like car engines and locomotive trains, are complex, intricate and made up of many parts. But they start with a very simple concept – mechanical motion. This type of movement is actually quite simple at a basic level, which is what this app aims to teach.



Crazy Gears est établi numérique et ludique pour expérimenter avec les engrenages et différentes « machines simples ». Tip top pour les petits doigts explorateurs.

iPhone Mom


Crazy Gears is the perfect app for kids who like to understand the way things work and what makes them tick. With Crazy Gears, kids can explore various types of gear puzzles as they manipulate various gears, chains, rods and pulleys to complete each level. I thought that this app was really neat, and something that would be great for kids who like to understand how mechanisms work and how their parts fit together. I would recommend this app for older preschoolers and younger elementary age children, around ages 5 through 9 years old.

Children's Technology Review


This leveled problem solving physics game lets children freely manipulate gears, chains, rods, pulleys and more to pull themselves to the next level. There are 61 puzzles, each with the same objective -- to pull up a cover over screen. This is the sequel to Busy Shapes (CTR Editor's Choice Award March 2014).

Top Best Apps For Kids


The kids app developers Seven Academy are specialized in educational valuable games and their latest app »Crazy Gears« also falls into the category: Crazy Gears is a mechanical learning game, with which kids ages 5 years and above, can playfully get to know the functions of cogwheels, by solving mechanical puzzle games.

Beste Kinder Apps


Die Kin­der App Ent­wick­ler Seven Aca­demy haben sich auf päd­ago­gisch sinn­volle Spiele spe­zia­li­siert und auch ihre neuste App »Crazy Gears« fällt in diese Kate­go­rie: Crazy Gears ist ein Mechanik-Lernspiel, mit dem Kin­der ab 5 Jah­ren spie­le­risch die Funk­ti­ons­weise von Zahn­rä­der ken­nen­ler­nen kön­nen, indem sie mecha­ni­sche Rät­sel lösen. Was wir von der App hal­ten, erfahrt ihr jetzt in unse­rem Testbericht.



Seven Academy ha lanzado una nueva aplicación para tablet en la App Store, que estará al 50% de descuento hasta el día 9 de abril. Se trata de Crazy Gears una app con un contenido pedagógico brillante que utiliza el juego libre y unos desafiantes retos, para que los niños descubran cómo funcionan los mecanismos que integran las máquinas que utilizamos día a día.



Technikbegeisterte Kinder bauen gern alles möglich auseinander oder zusammen. Wenn gerade kein Platz für Lego im Zimmer oder man unterwegs ist, bietet sich das neue Crazy Gears von Seven Academys an. Bei dem kleinen Spiel können Kinder ab 5 Jahren mechanische Bauteile wie Zahnräder, Kurbelwellen oder Seile miteinander verbinden und die Auswirkungen entdecken…

Smart Apps For Kids


The folks at Seven Academy have made my day. Crazy Gears is an app that opens up a world of play revolving around gears and pulleys and problem solving. It’s a free-play app about how things work together! Your kids will put their creative problem-solving skills to use the moment they start playing Crazy Gears.

Fundamentally Children


As a female Engineering graduate myself the subject of encouraging girls into science has always been close to my heart. In the work I do in reviewing and recommending good apps for children I constantly look out for apps that successfully encourage an interest in science and particular those that are gender neutral. Crazy Gears, the new app launched by Seven Academy launched this week (available on iTunes here), particularly stood out for us in this respect so we were quick to review the app with both boys and girls to see for ourselves.

Appy Mall


Crazy Gears is a great way for children to work on Logical Thinking Skills as they play with this fun and unique puzzle app. Children will work on Fine Motor Skills as they solve the puzzle to get the gears to pull the next level across the screen. I observed a 6 year old playing this who soon worked out what needed to be done to achieve moving to the next level. You can set the app for multiple users by accessing the parents section and logging into your Seven Academy account. I highly recommend this app for developing Logical Thinking Skills as well as working on Fine Motor Skills and learning how machines work.

Introducing the highly anticipated sequel to Seven Academy’s Busy Shapes, Crazy Gears!


Explore a captivating digital playground in this tantalizing puzzle game. Children ages 5-8 manipulate gears, chains, rods, and pulleys, to pull themselves through each level, which teaches them how different mechanisms affect one another when constructing a machine. This DIY experience is perfect for the young maker in your life!

The iMums


How do teachers usually teach new sight words to their students? Typically, teachers introduce a few sight words at a time and then reinforce these through some word games, flashcards, writing and spelling exercises. Then the words will be reviewed again and again until they have been mastered. While repetition is essential for sight word acquisition, it can also lead to boredom for the students. The good news is that Seven Academy has developed an app to keep sight word practice fun and exciting for kids.

Fundamentally Children


The Sight Word Adventure, from Seven Academy, is an app aimed at children 4-8 years. It is designed to help children recognize sight words (words which are not easily read using phonic awareness.) Within the app there are 5 levels for children to work through.

Fundamentally Children


The app involves a series of puzzles requiring the child to move the shapes into the proper holes. This requires the child to recognize features like the size, shape and colour of the object. The further your child progresses through the levels. the more increasingly difficult the puzzles become, ensuring that your child challenges themselves to progress through the levels and gain a better understanding of shapes.

Fundamentally Children


Tic Toc Time by Seven Academy is an app which teaches children more than just to tell the time on a clock. Children explore different elements of time through a family of beavers. The app contains information and challenges; children progress through different levels in each area. There is a restricted parents’ area which allows parents to monitor how children are progressing.



The Sight Word Adventure is a fun app created by Seven Academy and is for early readers; and could be quite useful to develop or consolidate their sight word vocabulary. The app contains five levels of activities which increase in difficulty; covering 320 different sight words, and can be played in upper case or lower case. It is available in both US and UK English, with the parent dashboard instructions available in more languages.

Geeks with Juniors


Learning sight words is critical in developing your child’s reading ability. Sight words account for up to 75% of the words in printed texts today, so a child who can recognize them with ease will have an advantage as they learn to read. By definition, sight words are words that cannot easily be decoded. The best way to learn them is to memorize them, which, frankly, is not exactly exciting for many children. Fortunately, nowadays there are apps to help them.

Parents Magazine and Common Sense Media


Toddlers begin by sliding a circle into an obvious hole. But this app, based on Jean Piaget's theory of cognitive development -- that the youngest children learn about their world by exploring and manipulating it -- quickly ramps up by blocking paths and hiding objects. "My son was able to navigate some of the tougher levels once I guided him a bit," says a mom of a 2-year-old. "I find myself playing this when I'm waiting to pick him up at gym class."

Fundamentally Children


The Joy of Reading by Seven Academy is an app for teaching children the basics of reading – now available in British English. Through animated characters and interactions children are encouraged to recognise initial sounds and letters, trace letters, identify initial consonants, spot rhymes, blend, differentiating between short and long vowels, recognise key words by sight and read! Children have to complete each stage before they can progress to the next – the app builds on previous knowledge and skills.

Fun Educational Apps


Sight words, or high frequency words, are a major focus of early reading instruction. The Sight Word Adventure by Seven Academy uses 320 sight words chosen from a curated collection of words, including words from Dolch's or Fry's word lists. The app uses an algorithm to choose word sequences based on Hermann Ebbinghaus' memory theories. It is evident that the developers put a lot of research into creating an educationally sound app.

The iPhone Mom


The Sight Word Adventure app is a great learning tool for preschoolers. With The Sight Word Adventure, children can play various games where they will learn to recognize, read and write up to 320 sight words! The game of hide-and-seek is the central idea behind most of the games, as children explore the cognitive skills necessary to remember sight words (i.e. visual attention, active listening and visual memorization). This app is recommended for children ages 3 through 8 years old.

i Game Mom


Sight word recognition is an important stage for kids’ literacy development. Sight words, like is, of, you, make up 50% of texts. If kids can read and understand sight words, they are well on their way to being fluent readers. Although sight words are used frequently. they usually cannot be easily sounded out. Most times, kids learn sight words by simply memorize them, some with the help of flashcards. Today we have an app that makes learning sight words more fun that memorizing words on flashcards.

Smart Apps for Kids


An app that manages to make sight words more interesting than just flashcards and memorization. Play hide and seek with a cute kangaroo, as well as bingo, whack-a-mole, a memory game and more.

Fun Educational Apps


Fun Educational Apps has a new Top Pick. Joy of Reading from 3 Years of Age is a new app that covers the range of early reading skills from letter identification and sounds too full on reading. This app collects data and lets parents and teachers see exactly where their children are in the reading process.

The iMums


The Joy of Reading is the latest educational app Seven Academy, developers of Busy Shapes, Tic Toc Time, Count up to Ten, and Discover Paris. The Joy of Reading was developed in conjunction with Dr. Robert Savage, an early reading specialist from McGill University. It is designed for children from 3-6 years old and includes 9 multi-level games to encourage early reading skills. A series of friendly animals guides them through each of the games.

Smart Apps for Kids


A wonderfully in-depth approach to beginning reading that teaches fundamentals of letters, vowels and sounds to help young readers. Great graphics and more content than you can shake a stick at make this app a must-have.

Best Apps for Kids


The Joy of Reading offers a comprehensive set of early reading exercises for young children. Kids can practice letter sounds, tracing, rhyming, initial and final sounds, vowel sounds, and more.

Geeks with Juniors


If you have at least tried to teach your kids how to read, you must have learned that there are several steps they need to pass before they can start reading. For example, they need to learn about letter names, letter sounds (phonics), word rhymes, and sight words. When they have had enough practice, they might have a decent chance at reading on their own. And if you’ve been following our work here, you’ve also probably noticed that there are plenty of great apps for each of the above steps. But, there really hasn’t been a single app that provides a comprehensive approach to learning how to read. At least, not until The Joy of Reading comes along. This app will take you on a guided journey from learning letter sounds to differentiating between short and long vowels.

Children's Technology Review


Looking for a solid iPad-based reading curriculum? Keep reading. Priced for home use, but containing features that qualify it for classrooms, The Joy of Reading combines robust record keeping features with a playful set of structured reading activities. The curriculum comes from Dr. Robert Savage (McGill University), and Françoise Boulanger (a Reading Teacher. Content includes eight games designed to provide drill and practice recognizing words on labels, rhyming, tracing upper and lower case letters, practicing consonant sounds and long vowels in the context of significant words like their own first name. There are 3000 first names that comes with the app. The app automatically adds fundamental vocabulary-building words, such as “mommy” and “daddy”, and parents can record and copy an unlimited number of words to support the learning journey. The web-based Parental Dashboard lets parents and educators create up to 40 profiles where they can track progress.



Children can learn at such a rapid pace if given the right tools and teaching methods. This of course includes reading daily to your children. Get them involved with phonics, rhyming, and excited in wanting to learn and read. It also helps build a child’s vocabulary and proper syntax. This app is a really fun beginning for the little ones. It practices rhyming, phonics, handwriting, and letters (both capital and lowercase.) The app contains Common Core standards, suggestions for the parent/teacher, as well as their reasoning behind each and every game they developed. There is even room to customize the app to add more words that meet the environmental needs of the individual.

ID Boox


Seven Academy invite les enfants à découvrir Paris dans une application éducative sur iPad. Ils pourront découvrir les lieux ou les monuments les plus mythiques de la capitale française tout en apprenant de multiples faits historiques à leur sujet.

Common Sense Media


Parents need to know that Busy Shapes is an exploration-learning activity for toddlers based on Jean Piaget's theory of cognitive development. Piaget believed that the youngest children, in the stage of development he called sensorimotor, learn about their world by exploring and manipulating it. Busy Shapes gives kids a digital playground to explore and has lots of features in place to make it easy for the youngest app users to play without crashing or accidentally swiping out of the app. It uses artificial intelligence to automatically adjust to keep kids challenged. Parents can set up different accounts for several kids (up to 40) and review how long kids played and the concepts they explored. Busy Shapes isn't about learning the names of the shapes. It's about kids' developing an awareness of how objects relate to each other and how they can impact the objects and the world around them.



Preschoolers explore an interactive playground filled with objects and holes. As they slide the correct geometric shape into the corresponding hole, the playground changes, as if they, too, have fallen into the hole to discover a new inviting world. As kids touch and scoot the blocks around, the app watches how they play and adjusts the challenge accordingly. After players learn to drop geometric blocks into matching holes, the playground adds colored outlines to the holes and paints the blocks. As the logical thinking gets harder, kids must pay attention to size, use tools, avoid puddles, move obstacles and more. The app is brilliantly designed to teach little kids logical reasoning.

Bridging Apps


Busy Shapes app involves many different skills and incorporates them all into a fun matching shape activity. The user is allotted 10 minutes of play at a time and during those 10 minutes, the tasks become increasingly more difficult. The 6 levels are never announced or shown to the user. The tasks just get a little more challenging each time.



Reconnaître les formes, les placer dans les trous qui correspondent, voici un classique auquel les touts-petits jouent longtemps. Dans la vraie vie, on joue avec une maison des formes, ici on joue avec des pièces, des boulons et des trous.



Si presenta come la prima app basata sulle teorie di Jean Piaget (1896-1980), psicologo tra le altre cose dello sviluppo, e viene proposta a bambini molto piccoli, in età prescolare.

Tech with Kids


This digital playground filled with geometric shapes and corresponding holes invites exploration by the toddler and preschooler set. It cleverly sets forth logical thinking challenges that get progressively harder.

Geeks With Juniors


By now, most would agree that kids learn best through fun games. One of the best apps for kids to learn about 2D shapes is aimed at ages 3+. Today I will highlight a new game from Seven Academy that’s designed for younger juniors.

Children's Technology Review


You can’t fit a round peg in a square hole. But you can have a fun time trying in this responsive set of auto-correcting classification puzzles, which have been carefully leveled for preschool-age children (typically starting around 2 and topping out around 5). The end result is a one-trick pony starter app that is fun to have on any child’s iPad screen. The app is available in multiple languages, but this is less relevant because no language is used in the experience. Subscribers, please log into our database using your password to read the full review along with our rating, and see why this received our Editor’s Choice Award.

La Sauterelle Tactile


Busy Shapes de Seven Academy est une nouvelle application entièrement dédiée à l’apprentissage du raisonnement suivant le principe d’expériences successives à la difficulté croissante. A la manière d’une table d’éveil intelligente et interactive Busy Shapes invite l’utilisateur à travailler adresse, observation, raisonnement, et psychomotricité fine.

Teachers With Apps


Busy Shapes, by Seven Academy, is an incredible app that allows you to witness the thought processes of your students and how it begins to change through direct experience.

La souris grise


Voici une application pour les très jeunes enfants, à partir de 12 mois, qui reproduit à l’écran le principe de la boîte à formes. Les tout petits dans Busy Shapes, passent d’un niveau à l’autre en encastrant virtuellement des pièces colorées et sonorisées.

Mac Rumors Pro


Having helped your kids tell the time and count, Tic Toc Time and Count up to 10 developer Seven Academy is now encouraging kids to get busy with shapes. If you want your little ones to sharpen their reasoning skills by having them interact with shapes, Seven Academy’s new Busy Shapes app comes highly recommended.

The iPhone Mom


There was once a very famous behavioral scientist named Jean Piaget. His theory about intelligence and learning in children was that one of the best ways for children to learn was to encourage them to “reason” through their problems. Through trial and error and logical reasoning, children can solve puzzles independently. Busy Shapes is an app that was inspired by Piaget’s research. It provides children with a “digital playground” of sorts where they can move and manipulate shapes with a swipe of their finger. Children must figure out where each shape fits, maneuver around obstacles and use tools on the screen to help them fit the shape in the correct hole.



Le concept de la boîte à formes n’a rien de neuf. Il est même très ancien. Les meilleures boîtes à formes sont simples : en isolant les difficultés, elles permettent de développer l’intérêt des plus jeunes, dès 10-12 mois, et de travailler la motricité fine, la mise en correspondance de formes ou l’organisation spatiale.

Petits Geeks


Alors que l’usage des tablettes tactiles chez les très jeunes enfants fait encore débat, bon nombre d’entre eux ont déjà tenu un tel appareil entre les mains lorsqu’il est présent dans le foyer. Pourquoi alors ne pas leur proposer des contenus à la fois intelligents et adaptés à leur jeune âge ? Busy Shapes s’adresse plus particulièrement aux enfants à partir de 2 ans, l’objectif de C4M et Seven Academy à l’origine de ce jeu étant de proposer aux parents une application d’éveil qui stimule leur réflexion pour résoudre de petits puzzles à base de formes à faire rentrer dans des trous.

Top Best Apps For Kids


We’re really excited on what to expect of this rather unusual learning app Busy Shapes, which has only just been released. Busy Shapes has been developed by Seven Academy, who have developed many interesting educational kids apps so far, for example Tic Toc Time and Count up to 10: learn numbers with Montessori. The most recent app Busy Shapes is a digital intelligence toy, with which toddlers and young children can practice their reasoning skills on.



Pourquoi sont-elles si busy que ça, ces formes ? Et bien parce-qu’elles doivent tomber dans le trou, pardi ! Et pas dans n’importe quel trou. Celui correspondant à leur couleur et à leur forme. Ça vous rappelle quelque-chose ? Les jouets de formes à encastrer. C’est mieux en vrai, à manipuler avec nos petites mains, mais quand on doit s’occuper un peu et que l’on n’a pas emporté le gros joujou en bois, ça peut dépanner. Il y a des formes très simples et colorées, et des « trous ». Que feriez-vous ? Vous voyez, c’est ultra simple et accessible aux tout- petits.

igame mom


When I first saw the app name Busy shapes I assumed it teaches kids about shapes, or maybe colors. Once I started playing with the app, I realized it is more than shapes and colors. It trains kids on their reasoning and problem solving skills, with some physics involved.

Best Apps For Kids


Busy Shapes is a great early learning app that allows children to practice their problem solving skills by dragging and dropping various shapes, colors, and items into their designated hole. As players move through the app, they are met with obstacles of increasing difficulty that create a challenging, yet engaging environment for children as they learn. Great for children of all ages, this app will encourage players to use their logic and problem solving skills to determine how to complete each activity without a any instruction or direction.



Estamos de estreno porque Seven Academy lanza hoy su última aplicación, se trata de Busy Shapes, un juego inspirado en los trabajos pioneros del famoso científico suizo y experto en inteligencia Jean Piaget.

Appy Mall


This is one amazing Busy Shape Sorter! It teaches children “how to think” and “how to problem solve” rather than just placing shapes in a corresponding hole. Based on Piaget’s research on cognitive development, this app allows kids to form hypotheses, and test them out in order to come about a solution.

Pappas Appar


I Busy Shapes gäller det att dra olika former till rätt hål. Att det är rätt ser man genom att hålet har samma färg eller form. Appen startar med den lättaste utmaningen, att föra en form till ett hål. Sedan blir det gradvis svårare beroende på hur duktig den som spelar är. Appen har koll på hur lång tid det tar att slutföra en nivå och höjer eller sänker svårighetsnivån baserat på det. Är man duktig får man fler former, fler hål och det dyker upp nya typer av utmaningar. Det finns exempelvis klibbiga punkter som man skall försöka undvika, former som gömmer sig bakom andra objekt osv. I den svåraste nivån rör formerna sig fram och tillbaka och spelaren måste fånga upp rätt form för att dra den till rätt hål. Totalt finns 38 svårighetsnivåer.

Online Anne


2-5 yaş arası çocukların problem çözme yeteneklerini geliştirmeye yönelik taptaze bir uygulamayla karşınızdayız. Uygulamanın tasarımı hedef kitlesine çok uygun. Rengine, materyaline, şekline göre objeleri ilgili yerlerine yerleştirme oyunu. 38 seviyeden oluşan bu oyunu pek kolay sanmayın, gerçekten problem çözmeye davet ediliyorsunuz. Yanlış yapıldığı takdirde mativasyonu kırıcı hiçbir efekt bulunmuyor. Farklı materyalleri kolaylıkla hissedebiliyorsunuz, bu kısmı da uygulamanın en güçlü yanlarından bir tanesi. Tabletinizin cam, metal, sünger gibi materyallere gerçekten dönüştüğünü düşünebilirsiniz. Çocukların dikkat seviyesini artıracağı kesin. Ebeveynler için ise çocuğun ilerlemesini takip edebilecekleri bir menü mevcut. Çocuk uygulamalarında Apple’ın Game Center bölümüne bağlantı opsiyonu pek tercih ettiğimiz bir durum olmasa da, meraklı ebeveynler için çocuğunuzun seviyesini burada da görmeniz mümkün. Ayrıca kalınan seviyeyi de otomatik olarak kaydetmesi, çocuğun her seferinde yeni baştan başlamasını ve uygulamadan çabuk sıkılmasını engelliyor. Son olarak, uygulamanın 20.Mart.2014 tarihine kadar %33 indirimde olduğunu hatırlatalım.

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Busy Shapes by Seven Academy might be better named Busy Fingers. This new Top Pick is a great app for toddlers working on fine motor skills and puzzle solving. Its simple game play is perfect for young fingers learning to manipulate shapes. With high quality graphics and fun sounds, it’s an app that children can go back to without getting bored.



Leggere l’ora su un orologio a lancette è un’attività che gli adulti svolgono in modo meccanico. Eppure per un bambino è un’operazione che richiede impegno e la comprensione di una serie di concetti complessi. Per questo Tic Tac Time non è semplicemente un’app per “imparare a leggere l’ora”, ma molto di più. Fornisce infatti una serie di competenze preliminari sul sole e la terra, sul giorno e la notte, sul nostro modo di calcolare il tempo, che rendono il funzionamento dell’orologio più intuitivo. E lo fa con una simpatica famiglia di castori canadesi come personaggi guida e un approccio ludico che fa presa sui bambini.

Petits Geeks


L’apprentissage de la lecture passe par plusieurs étapes qui vont permettre à un enfant de reconnaître d’abord les symboles que forment les lettres, avant de s’attaquer à la reconnaissance des sons composés d’une ou de plusieurs lettres pour arriver jusqu’à la composition des syllabes puis des mots eux-mêmes. Pour être sûres de ne rien omettre, les équipes de Seven Academy ont fait appel pour le développement de cette application à une experte dans l’apprentissage de la lecture et auteure de plusieurs livres sur le sujet : Françoise Boulanger. Regardons de plus près le fruit de cette collaboration.



Cette nouvelle application pour apprendre à lire repose sur la méthode développée depuis plus de 25 ans par Françoise Boulanger. L’intérêt de cette méthode réside dans sa facilité d’acceptation par l’enfant. Il n’est pas là pour étudier: apprendre l’alphabet, répéter incessamment des combinaisons de syllabes… Non, il apprend à lire sans même s’en apercevoir en jouant avec les mots, et au départ surtout ceux qu’il connaît.



A fun look into the concept of time, with concrete strategies to help kids understand an abstract idea.

Common Sense Media


Kids can learn about the sun's position in the sky, using shadows to estimate the time, how a clocks are designed, and how to tell time on analog clocks. The first set of games -- involving the sun and shadows -- are stronger and do a nice job supporting the concept of how we tell time. However, the clock-oriented games could use more explanation and support for kids who may not "get it" right away. Overall, time is an abstract, nonetheless very real, part of kids' lives, and Tic Toc Time gives them some concrete and unique ways to understand these important concepts.

App News Orange


"Rien à dire, l'application est vraiment réussie!"

France tv éducation


Cela fait une quarantaine d’années que la pédagogue Françoise Boulanger expérimente sa démarche dans le réel, auprès des parents et des enseignants et propose une approche douce de la découverte de la lecture.



Cette semaine, dans notre traditionnel article dédié aux applications pour enfants, c’est aux petits que j’ai décidé de m’adresser, ou plutôt aux petits qui voudraient être déjà grands. En effet, et c’est la première fois, c’est à l’apprentissage de la lecture que nous allons nous attaquer aujourd’hui. Selon l’application de la semaine, c’est dès 3 ans que l’on va pouvoir commencer à découvrir : les mots, les sons des lettres et plus généralement la lecture.

La souris grise


Apprendre à lire à partir de 3 ans ? Drôle d’idée diront certains, bachotage des bébés penseront d’autres, belle approche du jeune enfant estimeront d’autres encore. Cela fait une quarantaine d’années que la pédagogue Françoise Boulanger expérimente sa démarche dans le réel, auprès des parents et des enseignants et propose une approche douce de la découverte de la lecture.



Des applis éducatives sur iPad / iPhone ? Il en existe de plus en plus, pour apprendre à lire, écrire, compter, pour découvrir le monde, pour faire ses devoirs de vacances ... Il n'est pas facile de se retrouver dans ce foisonnement de qualité parfois inégale, mais si Cmonécole a choisi de vous parler de la nouvelle appli Le Bonheur de lire dès 3 ans, c'est que nous avons réellement été séduits : fun pour les petits et pertinence du contenu sont tous deux au rendez-vous !

La sauterelle tactile


Seven Academy propose une toute nouvelle application pour qu’apprendre à lire soit facile et ludique. La Sauterelle Tactile trouve cette application formidable et la recommande vivement à tous les parents et accompagnateurs d’apprentis lecteurs. Sur ce blog, nous croyons fondamentalement au renforcement positif et à l’apprentissage par étapes, deux principes ancrés dans « Le Bonheur de Lire » pour notre plus grand plaisir !



Le bonheur de lire est l’adaptation d’une méthode d’apprentissage de la lecture élaborée par Françoise boulanger, chercheur en pédagogie. Cette méthode est l’œuvre de toute une carrière de recherche et d’expérimentation sur le terrain. - See more at: http://www.applimini.com/le-bonheur-de-lire#sthash.uXDbeWvq.dpuf

Noticia iOS


El iPad se ha convertido en un dispositivo que está siendo utilizado por todo tipo de usuarios, ya que podemos ver a los de más avanzada edad consultando páginas web o leyendo en el dispositivo como a los más pequeños de la casa aprendiendo mientras juegan con aplicaciones educativas que saben sacar lo mejor de estos niños. La aplicación que hoy presentamos se llama Tic Tac Time y está orientada a los más pequeños de la casa, para que comiencen a conocer las horas del reloj de una forma muy intuitiva y sencilla.

Best Apps for Kids


Tic Toc Time is designed for children ages 5-8 years old. The app’s interface is easy to use. An option to hear the instructions aloud or to read them is available. The ability to repeat the instructions is a great feature.



Seven Academy est une société, créée par 2 spécialistes des applications mobiles qui a pour ambition de développer des outils vidéo-ludiques pour les jeunes enfants. La société est basée à Montréal (d’où les castors dans l’application Tic Tac Time) et s’inscrit dans la logique d’apprentissage définie par le cadre de la méthode pédagogique Montessori. Si vous ne craignez pas ce type d’approche, une dose d’écologie BoBo et les méthode de lecture globale, foncez.



Comme chaque dimanche, il est temps de se tourner du côté des applications pour enfants. Cette semaine, j’ai choisi de de vous présenter une application à la fois ludique et éducative qui s’adresse plutôt aux plus grands. Baptisée Tic Tac Time, l’application est destinée à l’apprentissage de la lecture de l’heure mais plus généralement à la notion de temps qui passe. On y passe ainsi de l’horloge classique à la course du soleil tout en s’amusant en compagnie d’une famille de castors bien sympathique.

The iPhone Mom


School is back in session and it is time to buckle down and start learning again. There is no better “Time” than now to teach your kids how to tell time. As a parent, teaching my kids the abstract concept of a clock and terms like “quarter-after” or “half-past” were a bit hard to explain. Now, we have an app that does an amazing job of breaking down the mysteries of telling-time for us.



We already know that the iPhone, Apple devices èpiù in general, play an essential role on the gaming side. Often, however, some applications are of pedagogy. In this case, Tic Tac Time tries to make children's learning a little 'easier and more fun, teaching them to read the clock. Let's see how.

Apps Playground


We’re looking forward to the day both our children can read clocks; even more to the day when they realize that grown-ups like lie-ins past 6am at the weekend; and even MORE to the day they realize those lie-ins may be best ended with toast and a cup of tea in bed.



Tic Tac Time est une application de découverte de la manière dont nous les hommes avons décidé de découper le temps qui passe, et d’apprentissage de l’écriture et de la lecture de l’heure. Une appli progressive, ludique, documentaire et pédagogique. Incontournable. 19/20



Tic Toc Time is a wonderful app for a hands on lesson for learning time and cardinal direction. This app provides detailed explanation of why and how we used clocks along with activities that are concrete and applicable! Create up to 40 user profiles for your students and customize the language settings with many options (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Tic Toc Time addresses the common core standards for telling time and cardinal direction.



Tick Tack Zeit kann seit dieser Woche aus dem App Store geladen werden. Die Universal-App für iPhone und iPad wird zum Start mit 40 Prozent Rabatt für 2,69 Euro angeboten und soll dabei helfen, den Kindern die Tages- und Uhrzeiten auf spielerische Art und Weise näher zu bringen. Wir müssen nach einiger Zeit mit der App sagen: Das bekommt sie wirklich hin.

Fun Educational Apps


Tic Toc Time takes a unique approach to teaching children to tell time. It starts with reading a compass, then moves through the various steps of telling time. It's truly a different approach that starts at the bottom and moves step by step as children become familiar with the concept of time. In addition, it's a Top Pick for teachers and parents working on time telling skills.

Smart Apps for Kids


A cute way to learn time concepts for kids ages 5 through 8. This app works on learning to tell time on the clock as well as the science behind time — what time has to do with the location of the sun, shadows, and even outer space. Meets Common Core State Standards for math

Beste Kinder Apps


Heute stel­len wir euch eine ganz neue Kinder-App zum Uhr­zeit ler­nen vor, die deut­lich umfang­rei­cher in ihren Erklä­run­gen und Übungs­auf­ga­ben ist, als alle andere Lern-Apps aus die­ser Sparte. Tick Tack Zeit von Seven Aca­demy. Wir durf­ten die App aus gutem Grund schon lange vor der Ver­öf­fent­li­chung tes­tet, denn alleine die Sich­tung die­ser App braucht seine Zeit.



There are many apps that provide you with instruction on how to use and understand clocks, but few are as comprehensive and exciting as Tic Toc Time. This app really delves into not only the basic numeric functions of most clocks but also how we deal with time altogether.



El tiempo es algo difícil de medir para los más pequeños de la casa y no les aporta ningún beneficio, al menos a priori. Tic Tac Time es una aplicación destinada a los niños y les enseña de una forma sencilla y divertida. La app les aporta, paso a paso y sin que se den cuenta, una serie de herramientas y reglas que les permitirán leer cualquier reloj y saber en qué momento del día se encuentran.

App e Bambini


Tic Tac Time è un app che insegna ai bambini in modo originale e simpatico a leggere l'orologio. Con l'aiuto di una famiglia di castori, i bambini imparano a conoscere i punti cardinali, come il Sole illumina la Terra nello spazio, come viene proiettata l'ombra sul terreno e molto altro ancora.

Pintando una mamá


En esta ocasión, Seven Academy se puso en contacto conmigo para que probara su última app para niños, que podréis bajaros a partir de hoy 6 de septiembre. Se trata de Tic Tac Time, un juego de descubrimiento, en el que los peques aprenderán cómo funciona una brújula.

iGame Mom


Learning how to tell time is a challenge for children. Tic Toc Time from Seven Academy offers a different approach. It initially teaches that the day can be divided into time periods. This paves the way for the introduction of the clock as a tool for telling time.

Kids Wire


Parents and educators who are looking for an innovative new way to help young learners aged 5-8 read a clock face can now download Tic Toc Time: Break Down the Day to Learn How to Tell Time from children’s educational app development company Seven Academy.

The iMums


Often we teach our kids how to tell time but we don’t consciously teach them how the clock came about and what does the time that they read off the clock mean. New app Tic Toc Time by Seven Academy fills this gap perfectly with fun games and animated lessons.

Pocket Gamer


Time plays a fairly important part in all our lives – and when I say fairly important, I mean essential. Developer Seven Academy knows this all too well, and it has developed an app - called Tic Toc Time - to help younger children grasp the principles of telling the time.

Geeks With Juniors


If you have juniors ages two to five, you probably have tried various ways to teach them how to tell time. You might even have tried several apps to help them learn about time. Today, I am reviewing a brand new app from Seven Academy, entitled Tic Toc Time, that tries to teach juniors about this topic in a more step-by-step pedagogical approach.



Tic Tac Time es una aplicación que nos enseña el mecanismo del tiempo y también a aprender a “decir” la hora del reloj. Está formada por 6 minijuegos: “La brújula”, “El sol y la sombra”, “El tiempo desde el espacio”, “Jugando con relojes”, “Los desafíos del reloj”, “Detén el reloj” y por supuesto, “el Green Academy”.



Если вы когда-нибудь учили детей определять время по часам, значит, вы знаете, что для этого придумана куча методик, пособий, игрушек, и все равно дошкольник с трудом поддается дрессировке, и узнавать, который час, чаще всего дети учатся уже в младшем школьном возрасте



Compte jusqu’à 10 est une application ludo-éducative pour les enfants de 3 à 6 ans. Elle rassemble quatre activités progressives pour aborder les mathématiques à l’école maternelle : associer symbole chiffre et quantité, dénombrer jusqu’à 10, tracer les chiffres, construire les quantités jusqu’à 10.

Spanglish Baby


The Cicada and the Ant/La cigarra y la hormiga is a multilingual interactive story app from Seven Academy. It follows the classic Aesop’s fable about a cicada who is unprepared for winter and her friend, the ant, who is perfectly warm and cozy. She needs his help to stay sheltered from the cold and promises to pay him back later. The cicada learns that prepping for the following winter would be a better use of her time than singing night and day.

The iMums


The four mini-games all have 3 different levels to them, and to access the higher levels the child needs to complete the lower levels. Completing levels also earns them rewards – seeds, sunshine and rain that they can use to grow plants in the Green Academy (which can be accessed within the app). Throughout the different games the child is given directions and encouraged by a cute owl (which will be familiar to those who own other Seven academy apps.)

Bubble Mag


Ecoutez le professeur Hibou vous conter l'histoire de 12 monuments de Paris. Place est donnée à de petites anecdotes amusantes et à des quiz interactifs.

Pintando una mamá


Me encantan las app’s para niños para el iPad, en mi caso, los niños lo usan mucho, tanto para buscar información para sus deberes (el mayor) como para jugar. Compré una funda a prueba de niños :) y así me evito pasar el rato pensando en lo que me va a costar repararlo ;)



iPad » Aplicaciones iPad » Educativas » Cuenta Hasta Diez, Aprende los Números con esta Aplicación para iPad Cuenta Hasta Diez, Aprende los Números con esta Aplicación para iPad Victor Chamorro 31 de mayo, 2013, 11:00 « Anterior Siguiente » cuenta hasta diez ipad app store Cuenta Hasta Diez, Aprende los Números con esta Aplicación para iPad Las matemáticas siempre resultan un hueso duro de roer para los niños y la mejor forma de aprenderlas es jugando.



No more counting fingers! Count up to Ten is a numeracy development app from Seven Academy. It is aimed at 3-6 year olds and consists of four numeracy development activities, plus a bonus activity. Each of the four main activities develops a core numeracy skill, helping kids to become comfortable with one concept at a time. There are also three difficulty levels for each activity, which help to reinforce what your child is learning. The structure is well thought out, helping kids to progress at their own pace.

Family Tech


I introduced my daughter to the Count up to Ten: Learn Numbers with Montessori app a couple of weeks ago. She is very nearly 4 years old. The app is designed to help children count up to 4 and as such, is a little bit easy for her but we wanted to see what the quality of this Seven Academy app was and whether it would be good for our youngest daughter as she grows a bit older.

The iPhone Mom


Do you have a child who is learning to count? If so, you should definitely check out the new Count up to Ten: Learn Numbers with Montessori app! I love this app and think that it is a great way to introduce your children to simple counting. This app provides a way for young children to master numbers 1 through 10.

Smart Apps for Kids


It’s a jungle out there . . . but lucky for you, you’re here reading about Count up to Ten: Learn Numbers with Montessori from Seven Academy. Four animal friends from all over the globe come together in this early learning app to help very beginning learners make sense of numbers.



Basically, children learn the number 1 to 10 first. It’s very hard to learn especially for babies, but it will become such easy only if the Count up to ten is applied to the teaching processes. Amazing will happen without paying much effort!

Donnes-moi ta main


S'il y a une appli que je vous conseillerais pour apprendre à compter à votre loulou, c'est bien celle-ci. Les graphismes sont géniaux (selon mon avis de maman), c'est ludique, j'adore la taupe et ses petits vers !!! Au départ loulou ne savait pas du tout dénombrer, il a compris le principe grâce à cette application, à force de jouer et rejouer !

The iMums


Basically, children learn the number 1 to 10 first. It’s very hard to learn especially for babies, but it will become such easy only if the Count up to ten is applied to the teaching processes. Amazing will happen without paying much effort!



Un guide touristique spécialement conçu pour les enfants, qui prendront plaisir à découvrir Paris via des jeux et un Mr Hibou très pédagogue. Pour les petits parisiens, l’application leur permettra de découvrir des anecdotes sur leur ville qu’ils ne connaissent sûrement pas en totalité.



Discover Paris takes kids on a tour through 11 key sites in Paris to learn about art, history and important places of French culture. The app uses narration from a simply animated owl over the top of quality images of Paris. Kids interact and learn by answering question asked by the owl but overall the experience in mostly passive. Discover Paris uses rich vocabulary and facts which parents can even enjoy and may want to clarify for young children. This app is part of a larger series of educational apps from Seven Academy.

Technology in (SPL) Education


Looking for a digital book to teach your child about personal responsibility? The Cicada and the Ant may be your answer. It’s an interactive story app based on the fable with the same name by the French author Jean de La Fontaine. If you’re familiar with the Aesop’s fable “The Ant and the Grasshopper,” this has a similar storyline. Even though fables don’t become a part of the Common Core Standards until second grade, it is never too early to teach a child the importance of being responsible about saving and being prepared for the future.



Une application documentaire sur la ville Lumière pour les enfants. On y découvre 12 lieux symboliques de Paris (Tour Eiffel, Orsay, Bastille,…). Chaque lieu est commenté par un texte très bien adapté aux enfants. La narration alterne explication et petits quizz qui permettent aux enfants de maintenir leur attention.



Tiempo atrás en Frikids, hicimos una mención especial a Seven Academy y a su primera app Cuenta hasta diez, una app excelente para, como bien indica su nombre, aprender a contar del 1 hasta el 10. Hoy tenemos el gusto de presentaos su primer app-cuento que han lanzado recientemente, es una app inspirada en la fábula de “La cigarra y la hormiga"

Fun Educational Apps


One of the most important lessons we can teach our children is personal responsibility. The question of how to do that is simplified when resources are available that present this message in a way that is appropriate for their level. The Cicada and the Ant is a fable by the French author, Jean de La Fontaine. It has been adapted as an interactive story app that is now available in the App Store.

Teachers With Apps


Parents and educators who want to introduce children to the art, music and history of Paris can now download the delightful new no-cost app Discover Paris 1.0 from Seven Academy, and set young learners off on an enriching and exciting journey to the City of Lights from the convenience of their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The iPhone Mom


The other day I was sitting down to plan my garden. I know its still cold out, but I was already deciding where to plant the early crops like peas, potatoes and onions. I was also choosing a sunny spot to plant my lettuce and spinach imagining a fresh garden salad. Then I woke up to snow and my ground breaking plans went on hold for another week.

Jolies étoiles


Bienvenu dans le monde de l’appli ludo-éducative! Seven Academy, ce n’est pas vraiment un jeu (mais c’est un secret, ne le dites pas à ma fille). C’est un univers merveilleux peuplé de petits animaux inoffensifs et de jolis jardins bien taillés dans lequel les enfants apprennent en s’amusant et les parents ont bonne conscience.

Dad is Geek


Compte jusqu'à dix est une application qui permet aux plus petits de découvrir les chiffres de 1 à 10 et d'apprendre à compter tout en s'amusant !



Si tenéis alguna duda sobre el uso del iPad como herramienta educativa, leer con atención el siguiente artículo, seguro que vuestra opinión cambiará. Cuenta hasta diez Cuenta hasta diez Cuenta hasta diez Cuenta hasta diez Pues si, como ya proclamamos en Frikids, nuestra misión es presentaros aquellas aplicaciones que podáis utilizar de forma pedagógica con vuestros hij@s, ya sea una app directa o indirectamente educativa.

Le leader mondial des applis éducatives Montessori est né!

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EDOKI et SEVEN ACADEMY, deux start-up françaises, fusionnent pour donner naissance à EDOKI ACADEMY, le leader mondial des applications éducatives, inspirées de la méthode pédagogique Montessori.

Seven Academy’s New App “Busy Shapes” Helps 2-5 Year Olds Sharpen Reasoning Skills & Awaken Intelligence in an Amazing & Evolving Digital Exploratory Playground

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Parents who want to sharpen their 2 to 5 year old child’s reasoning skills and awaken their intelligence in an amazing exploratory and evolving digital playground, can now download the new app Busy Shapes - selected as a worldwide App Store “Best New App” - from the globally-renowned educational development app company Seven Academy.

Delightful Children’s Educational App “Count up to Ten: Learn Numbers with Montessori” from Seven Academy Now Updated with Improved Graphics & Icons

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The renowned development team at Seven Academy announced today that their delightful children’s educational app Count up to Ten: Learn Numbers with Montessori is now available in a new and improved updated version. Developed in partnership with experienced teachers, Count up to Ten: Learn Numbers with Montessori is a globally-acclaimed app that teaches children how to count from 1 to 10.

Le bonheur de lire dès 3 ans

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Le Bonheur de lire dès trois ans : les fondements de la lecture en maternelle, est le premier jeu adapté de la méthode de Françoise Boulanger (experte dans ce domaine depuis 25 ans). Il s'appuie sur une intelligence artificielle qui assure une progression naturelle et personnalisée à l'enfant en régulant les mots et notions proposés.

Tic Tac Time

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Tic Toc Time: Break Down the Day to Learn How to Tell Time from Seven Academy is the world’s first app that teaches children to read a clock face using elements that they’re deeply familiar with: sun, shadow, night and day. The iPad and iPhone app was crafted in conjunction with renowned French mathematician Aurélien Alvarez and Swiss astrophysicist Slim Hamdani, and is available from September 5-19, 2013 at a 40% discount.

Découvre Paris

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Bienvenue à Paris "la ville lumière" ! Cette application a été conçue pour faire découvrir Paris à vos enfants. Les 12 lieux représentent une bonne occasion d'aborder de nombreux aspects culturels : histoire, peinture et musique. Le scénario a été rédigé par une journaliste spécialiste de la ville.


Easy Music

Une oreille musicale pour les enfants

Name Play

Apprendre à lire et à écrire son prénom

Crazy Gears

Un établi pour comprendre les mécanismes

The Sight Word Adventure

Mes premiers mots en anglais

The joy of Reading

Décoder l'anglais

Busy Shapes

La table d'éveil interactive

Le bonheur de lire

Apprendre à lire naturellement

Tic Toc Time

Découpe le temps d'une journée pour apprendre à lire l'heure

Compte jusqu'à dix

Premières notions de maths

Découvrez Paris

Visitez la capitale française